Sales Consulting for Start-Ups and 2nd Stage Companies

Start fast and strong. We help create your sales model, build your team, implement a sales execution plan, select supporting technologies, create comps plans, prepare to seek initial and follow-up funding and more.


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Sales Consulting for Established Companies

Optimize your sales process and sales team now. We act as an impartial, unbiased second set of eyes and ears to help you identify what is working, what is not, and why. Don't go it alone...


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Sales Consulting for Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

Use us to augment your due diligence team before the investment is made, and post-funding to help guarantee your investments success. Reduce your risk by evaluating your potential investment from the inside out.

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Since 1993

Sell and Thrive is a sales process consulting firm that will tune and optimize your sales process.

Headquartered in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, the state whose ‘Live Free or Die’ motto proclaims the rugged individualism and creative can do determination exemplified by so many successful New England entrepreneurs, Sell and Thrive embraces this attitude in every engagement we undertake.

We help organizations; B2B and B2C companies create and then optimize their sales organizations using highly-customized deliverables.

Companies Retain Us When They Have These Types Of Issues:

+ Sales results are chronically below plan.

+ Sales forecasting is consistently inaccurate. Deals don't close when you predict them to, or for the dollar amount you originally projected.

+ You suffer from poor pipeline management. Deals don't evolve within the sales cycle in a predictable, repeatable manner.

+ You have an ineffective or undocumented sales process.

+ You rely to much on selling to existing customers, and are not closing enough net-new customers to fuel market share growth.

+ Close/Win rates are unacceptably low.

+ Lead generation and lead follow up do not support sales goals.

+ Your sales team views your CRM system as a burden, not a useful tool.

+ Your product ROI message does not resonate with your prospects.

+ Sales KPI's do not map to desired sales rep behavior.

+ Compensation plans do not drive desired sales rep behavior.

+ You suffer from high turnover rates within the sales team.

+ Your channel/alliance/reseller program is ineffective.

+ You struggle to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

+ The sales script you use is not effective or standardized across the sales team.

+ You have difficulty selling a new product or service.

+ Existing sales territories do not support accelerated sales growth.

+ Lack of sales management experience or effectiveness.

If you have these types of issues we can help. Our customers love us because we offer neutral, unbiased feedback and actionable options for each key stakeholder in the organization.

Because we are a 3rd party consultancy, we see things through our own lenses, without being limited by the fog of internal politics or personal agendas, that too often plague organizations. We call it like we see it. Completely unfiltered facts and observations, coupled with actionable options that make sense and are measurable.

We are dedicated to achieving the summit of your sales organization's potential.


What sets us apart is our philosophy - Humble Collaboration.

We give our customers three core value points:

  1. Things they know.
  2. Things they don't know, and ...
  3. Things they don't know, they don't know.

We pride ourselves on admitting that we don't know it all. That's why our corporate philosophy is defined as Humble Collaboration. That's also one of the reasons our customer's really love us - our humility. Having said that, what we do know is valuable, especially when viewed from the outside looking in. You can never underestimate the true value of a 3rd party opinion or observation.

Next Steps...

If you're looking to build out your sales team and sales process, you're just not satisfied with the results from your existing sales team and sales processes, or you just want a second opinion from folks that know a thing or two about what it takes to reach and exceed sales goals, then give us a call.  Let's chat.  Money never sleeps.