CEO, Founder, or Principle

We deliver a high-level summary of your existing sales strategy and compare it to how it's actually being executed. A plan vs. reality  comparison. Completely unfiltered facts and observations from the bunker to the boardroom.

What's your competition really up to, and are you ready to stay a step or two ahead?

Make your vision a reality. We identify actionable options and ideas to help you create a fully optimized sales team.

CRO/VP Sales

We provide a more detailed view into the team to assist senior leadership with achieving and exceeding short and medium term goals. A second opinion on your team, and the challenges and upside they face.

Sales Directors, Managers and Individual Sales Reps

Need some help interviewing candidates? We've done literally hundreds and hundreds of interviews. Allow us to assist with this incredibly important element to building your sales dream team.

We conduct activity and pipeline reviews to help identify objections and landmines before they are used to stop a transaction from occurring.

Closed/Lost and Closed/Won Deal Post Mortems.

Unbiased assessments of your sales pitch and demo's.

Are your territories and accounts balanced, or do they need adjustment?

Channel Sales Managers

We help CSM's bridge the gap between the goals of the partner and the goals of your company. Why is your channel program working (or not) and what can you do to improve it?

Marketing and Product Management Leaders

We help you understand why reps sell more of one thing and less of another so you can adapt your offerings and/or messaging.

Avoid or fix the Message-Selling gap.

Lead conversion rates - are they acceptable and why or why not?