Sales Expertise for Your Industry

Technology - Software, Hardware, and eCommerce

We provide comprehensive insights into all aspects of selling software and hardware by helping you build a hungry, lean, effective sales team that's set up for success from day 1. Beginning with the art of the interview process, we will use our vast experience to hire the right people, teach them the ideal methods needed to be successful, mentor them as well as leadership along the way, and step in when needed to manage the pipeline or even help close deals. We can help create free trial and POC tactics that shorten sales cycles, licensing models that make sense, bundles that increase average order size and margin. Let us develop a smart channel partner/reseller program that adds NET new pipeline and sales velocity while also complimenting your core sales team.

Professional Services

Allow us to help you clearly differentiate and communicate your offering in these abstract sales efforts. Let us help you craft the story of why you're different, and then execute on the message.

Manufacturing and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Do you want to take orders, or do you want to sell? In an industry constantly struggling with commoditization, smart selling is crucial. Price is a key factor in these price-focused industries. By developing a well-crafted value proposition, we can help deliver results for clients in this highly competitive space by converting the sales farmer into the sales hunter.


In today's Digital Age, if you're in retail, you better also better be in eTail or you're dead... How does your web site perform compared to your competition? We can tell you why it's slow, and where and how to improve performance. Remember, your customer's are one click away from your competitors...

Oh, and what about your mobile sales plan? Do you have a plan and is it optimized for your industry? Sell and Thrive will help you create and implement an eCommerce plan that works for your business, identify ways to create friction free shopping, design efficient floor layout's, while also helping you convert your reactive floor associates into a proactive selling engagement team. Use our Secret Shopper programs to obtain valuable insights into your customer's experience to build loyalty. See your business through the lens of your customers...

Non-Profit and Government 

We care about giving back. Let us help your non-profit organization develop creative fund-raising activities that get results fast.

Government by the people, for the people. Allow us to help take a government cost center and turn it into a profit center, while also giving citizens what they want faster and more efficiently. Provide your citizens more for less.


Whether your Enterprise or SMB, we can help large organizations sell like hungry, nimble start-ups, and smaller companies grow to reach their true potential.


Next steps...

If you're looking to build out your sales team and sales process, you're just not satisfied with the results from your existing sales team and sales processes, or you just want a second opinion from folks that know a thing or two about what it takes to reach and exceed sales goals, then give us a call.  Let's chat.  Money never sleeps.